It’s my girlfriends birthday this week, I gave her her gift early so I could take it back and shoot it before she could have it, haha, oh the stuff she puts up with. <3 lol , not a bad result though?


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Back In The Day

This is neat.

Recently, after my Grandmother found out I had returned to school and was pursuing a career in the photographic world she informed me that my Great Grandfather also shared this passion. She sent me some articles about him and I think its pretty cool.

I’ve since been digging a little deeper and, after a roadmap of emails, have been invited by the Canada Science and Technology Museum to go to Ottawa and dig through the CN archives! I’ll probably be doing that this summer.

Anyways Check it out.

Image Image


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Why all this work into a photo of a toy car?.. Result to follow shortly ;)


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I’ve been fortunate enough to working a little with an amazing CGI artist named “H Y Kim” , if you have a second or two, take a look at his work. Insane!

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Ha…. Ha

Character portraits are easy when you have friends that look like this…


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Equipment Porn

I was recently asked to take some photos of equipment for the Humber College Equipment Cage…. and I’m proud of how sexy they ended up. Whaddya think?


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Today I am commencing an internship with an amazing  local photographer and I’m very excited.

Heading out this morning I cant help but think about how much my life has changed in the last two years. Its like I came to a fork in the road, chose neither, jumped the fence and ran instead.

It would be easy to turn around, run back and pick up life where I left it, but I’m having way too much fun. Life is good.



I grew up in a desolate, yes desolate, rural farming community North of Calgary Alberta. I guess its grown up now into a thriving urban center pretty much attached to Calgary but for a kid that 27 KM sign might as well have been 300 KM.

I had a lot of free time.

One of my biggest role models growing up was when I was about 14 years old.At the time he was my sisters live in boyfriend and, oddly enough, he has returned to being someone I look up to now.

This guy.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 7.49.24 AM

Check him out.




I dont exactly know why my life has taken the turns it has but I am of the belief that everything happens for a reason. Figuring out that reason isn’t always easy and probably isn’t necessary.

Hey Look


A Fish

Thats Suge… he’s been staring at me for 11 years now. For 11 years this little guy has been watching me. Circling back and forth, just  watching me. He probably knows me better than my own best friends.


If those gills could talk.

They’d probably say “Seriously Man?”


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